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Vivanta by Taj - Connemara, Chennai

the raintree

THE ROOTS ARE CHETTINAD. VERY DEEP. This is not a restaurant, but a journey. Through time. Past. Present. And future. Walk through an amazing path with stone pillars catching the flickering flames of oil lamps. Ladies dressed in silk greet you, with offerings of traditional snacks at the entrance to The Raintree, one of the best South Indian restaurants in Chennai.The setting is both open and air-conditioned. Under a canopy of magnificent rain trees, you can break papadum to the beat of classical music. Check out the murals, which capture the spirit of an old Chettinad home, and reflect life in a village. Try resisting the offerings on the chutney and pickle trolley. Enjoy authentic Chettinad food cooked in clay pots, over a wood fire. Our innovative chefs have even designed a menu with zero spice for those who can’t handle the heat.