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Vivanta Guwahati

Body scrubs and wraps

Exfoliate, indulge and renew with an exclusive range of concoctions that are prepared using the freshest ingredients. We combine Indian herbs, sea salts and pure essential oils whose essential benefits and goodness are still intact and will help in nourishing your body. The therapeutic properties of these scrubs and wraps will cleanse and moisturize your skin, leaving it with priceless glow.

Exfoliate your mind & body with Masala Spa Therapy

DURATION: 45 mins
PRICE: inr 2250 + raxes

This treatment uses a scrub made from a blend of traditional Indian spices that help relieve sore muscles while improving blood circulation. The enriching experience leaves you with a renewed sense of self.

Coconut based Narikela skin rejuvenating therapy

DURATION: 45 mins
PRICE: inr 2250 + taxes

A truly soothing treatment that celebrates the natural goodness of coconut – an ingredient familiar in many households of India. The process includes exfoliation and moisturization using a blend of ingredients that have a cooling effect on the skin.