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taj pamodzi lusaka


Select up to 2 venues
Select up to 2 venues
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Meeting Venues at Taj Pamodzi Lusaka-3x2

Spread over 338 square metres, Amalila is perfect for large weddings and celebrations. You can host up to 250 people here, so don't hold back. Host your grand celebration with us to find out what Taj hospitality truly is.

Max. Capacity 250
Wedding Venues at Taj Pamodzi Lusaka-3x2

Spread over an area of 304 square metres, Baobab can accommodate up to 200 people for launches and other social events.

Max. Capacity 200
Boardroom at Taj Pamodzi Lusaka-3x2

The power to rule your business meetings are just a booking away. Our Boardroom will help you play host to up to 40 people. It has all the conveniences you need to pull off a successful business meeting without letting anything get in the way.

Max. Capacity 40
Event Venues at Taj Pamodzi Lusaka-3x2

If you need a small space for intimate gatherings, you can't go wrong with Insaka. It can host up to 50 people, making your evening both cosy and memorable.

Max. Capacity 50
Mupani I

A small space for up to 60 people, Mupani I is ideal for your exclusive event.

Max. Capacity 60
Wedding Venues at Taj Pamodzi Lusaka-3x2
Mupani I And II And Baobab

With the two combined you get a large banquet hall where you can play host to large galas and grand celebrations. With a capacity of 500 guests, this venue will be able to cater to all your guests needs. Experience Taj Hospitality like never before at Taj Pamodzi.

Max. Capacity 500
Mupani II

Adjoining Mupani I is a bigger event space. Mupani II can accommodate double the number of people in a 231-square-foot area.

Max. Capacity 150

Facility Chart

Dimension Area Height Location Natural Light Guest Entry Point
Amalila - 350 sq. ft. 32.52 m2 - Lobby Level No 1 Doors
Boabab 16X19 ft 4.88X5.79 m 304.0 sq. ft. 28.24 m2 - Lobby Level No 1 Doors
Boardroom 11.55X7.45 ft 3.52X2.27 m 86.05 sq. ft. 7.99 m2 - 1 Floor Yes 1 Doors
Insaka 8.3X8.3 ft 2.53X2.53 m 68.89 sq. ft. 6.4 m2 - Lobby Level No 1 Doors
Mupani I 13X9.2 ft 3.96X2.8 m 119.6 sq. ft. 11.11 m2 - Lobby Level No 1 Doors
Mupani I And II And Baobab 48X41.2 ft 14.63X12.56 m 1977.6 sq. ft. 183.72 m2 - Lobby Level No 4 Doors
Mupani II 19X13 ft 5.79X3.96 m 247.0 sq. ft. 22.95 m2 - Lobby Level No 2 Doors
350 sq. ft. 32.52 m2
Lobby Level
Natural Light
Guest Entry Point
1 Doors

Seating Style

Theater Circular U - Shaped Boardroom Classroom Reception
Amalila 200 200 150 60 150 250
Boabab 200 180 160 50 150 200
Boardroom 40 24 25 20 25 40
Insaka 50 40 30 30 40 50
Mupani I 60 - 40 30 50 50
Mupani I And II And Baobab 400 400 - - 250 500
Mupani II 150 120 60 40 100 150
U - Shaped