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Vivanta President, Mumbai


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Select up to 2 venues
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Presidential Ballroom at Taj

High-powered meetings and charged boardroom sessions deserve no better place than our fully-equipped Assembly room, which seats 40-50 guests.

Max. Capacity 50
Event Spaces for Social Gatherings at Taj
banquet terrace

Suited for cocktail parties and glitzy dinners, the Banquet Terrace can accommodate 150 guests.

Max. Capacity 150
Meeting Spaces at Vivanta President Mumbai
forum and capitol

These modern banquet rooms can be combined or used individually. Located on the banquet floor of the hotel, they can accommodate 50 to 60 guests.

Max. Capacity 50
Wedding Spaces at Vivanta President Mumbai
the glass house

Located by the poolside, the Glasshouse serves as an ideal hall to host glorious cocktail events and during the day it can hold a meeting for 30 people.

Max. Capacity 30
Wedding & Event Spaces at Vivanta President Mumbai
the presidential ballroom

A ballroom that can be divided into three, the Presidential Ballroom is fluid and flexible. It will fulfil all your event needs.

Max. Capacity 350

Facility Chart

Dimension Area Height Location Natural Light Guest Entry Point
assembly 36X33.5 ft 10.97X10.21 m 1206.0 sq. ft. 112.04 m2 7.4 ft 2.26 m Banquets Level No 1 Doors
banquet terrace 80X40 ft 24.38X12.19 m 3200.0 sq. ft. 297.29 m2 3200 ft 975.36 m Pool Level Yes 1 Doors
forum and capitol 45.5X38.5 ft 13.87X11.73 m 1751.75 sq. ft. 162.74 m2 9 ft 2.74 m Banquets Level No 3 Doors
the glass house 46X20 ft 14.02X6.1 m 920.0 sq. ft. 85.47 m2 10 ft 3.05 m Pool Level Yes 1 Doors
the presidential ballroom 101X48 ft 30.78X14.63 m 4848.0 sq. ft. 450.39 m2 11.5 ft 3.51 m Banquets Level No 3 Doors
36X33.5 ft 10.97X10.21 m
1206.0 sq. ft. 112.04 m2
7.4 ft 2.26 m
Banquets Level
Natural Light
Guest Entry Point
1 Doors

Seating Style

Theater Circular U - Shaped Boardroom Classroom Reception
assembly 60 50 30 30 25 60
banquet terrace 120 72 NA NA NA 250
forum and capitol 70 50 30 40 30 70
the glass house 50 30 25 30 30 40
the presidential ballroom 350 150 75 100 250 375
U - Shaped