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Vivanta President, Mumbai

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The Dabbawalla Experience


The working of dabbawallas, or men who transport lunch boxes, is a unique and fascinating aspect of Mumbai. Every day, with amazing precision, they deliver thousands of dabbas or lunch boxes to office goers. Since office goers leave home early, their lunch boxes are picked up from their homes once they are ready later in the morning. They are then transported and delivered to their office by lunchtime. Each box bears a simple code on its lid, which helps to identify its destination. The Dabbawalla Experience at the hotel offers guests a glimpse of this unusual service. Guests order from in-room dining and the food is served in a dabba, with the service staff dressed as a dabbawalla. A DVD on the dabbawallas is presented with the meal. For a first-hand experience, you could take a trip to Churchgate station with the hotel’s guest relations executive, to see the dabbawallas in action.