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Vivanta Surajkund, NCR

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Vivanta Tallis Trails


Our concierge services in Surajkund will help you get a little adventure. Team up with our experienced hunters and relive the history of Delhi and Surajkund. Make your trip memorable with insights that will surprise you. Try the following:



        This experience takes you back to the 14th Century AD. Led by a historian, our sightseeing tours help you see Surajkund like never before. Visit the ruins of Fort Tughlaqbad. Our expert shares stories and anecdotes of the Tughlaq Dynasty and the saints during their reign. Learn about the great rulers and their rivalry with the saints, whose curse eventually led to the downfall of the mighty empire. Time permitting, the experience also takes you to the shrine of the holy Sufi saint who cursed the Tughlaq empire.



        This experience showcases the advent of Islamic architecture and religious practices in India. Learn about the first Muslim rulers of Delhi and the changes in the culture, customs and urban milieu that their rule brought about. Observe the earliest examples of domes and arches in India and see the fusion of Hindu carving skills with Muslim technology and design. A must for all history and architecture buffs.



        Over a thousand years old, Delhi has been an important urban centre from at least the 11th Century AD, and ruled by seven dynasties and the British. It contains ancient pilgrimage centres, abandoned cities, a thriving medieval city, a colonial capital and urban villages, all within an expanding modern cityscape. In this experience, our expert takes you through the history and architectural features of the early cities of Delhi. Learn about the history and mythology of these cities and discuss the people and events that defined them.



        With over 200 species of birds, Delhi is the second richest city in the world in terms of avian diversity (only Nairobi in Kenya has a greater diversity of birds). This experience takes you to the Asola-Bhatti Sanctuary, Okhla Bio Diversity Park, a bird watching hot spot, for a private session with a Tallis bird expert. Birds seen here include spotted owlets, grey herons, weaver birds, green pigeons, spot bills, whistling teals and migratory birds such as bar-headed geese.



        This experience highlights the multi-hued textile craftsmen of India. Led by a Tallis expert, visit the textile galleries at the Sanskriti Foundation Museum. The museum intends to serve as a resource for the study of Indian textile traditions. It moves away from ‘masterpiece’ culture as much as from creating an exhaustive inventory of textile genres, as is often the case with similar museums. Its objectives are to display representative examples of selected traditions of Indian textiles and to create a pool of information around these that will eventually serve as an academic resource for study and research.



        Terracotta, a functional art, is the first creative expression of civilization. From the common earthen pot that stores drinking water to the giant-sized cultic equestrian figures of the rural Tamil deities of the Aiyyanar cult, terracotta art occupies a central position in Indian life and culture. In this experience, visit a terracotta museum with our expert as a guide and make your own masterpiece. If you’re looking for a unique experience to keep your creativity alive, this is a must do. A perfect way to have a fun day.



        This experience introduces you to the arts and crafts of India and empowers you with the knowledge of how it has evolved over the years. Led by an art expert, explore art galleries and artist’s studios. Learn about the traditional arts and crafts and how they have evolved and adapted in today’s modern environment. Talk to artists and interact with them learning about art, techniques and inspirations.



        Set up an easel and capture the antique beauty of India with professional art instructors from Tallis. Our painting sessions are designed to provide you with a hands-on experience “en plein air” – painting in the open air of the outdoors. Irrespective of your skill level, you will have a memorable day and enjoy the many wondrous sights on display.



        This experience gives you an insight into SOS Children’s Village, which is an independent NGO where children grow up in a strong, family environment. Learn how the SOS Children’s Villages provide needy children across India with family-based care. The Greenfields Village was the first SOS Children’s Village established in India in 1964 and is a happy home to over 200 children. Late Prime Minister Shrimati Indira Gandhi dedicated it to the service of the children of the nation on January 22nd 1970.